Doudoule Dance Camp

Battle 101

Battle 101 is a competition that pins dancers 1 on 1 and is all about improvising showcasing your skills and dancing to the music. Battles will take place in 3 different styles in 1 open division per style with cash and prizes for 1 st and 2nd of each Division. You can choose to battle in your chosen style between Salsa, Reggaeton or Bachata. If you feel up to it, you can even battle In multiple styles! Competitors are judged individually per battle where a winner is chosen to progress to the next round. Judges will be looking for the best overall dancer in the battle, following these criteria (TODO). Battle 101 encourages great sportsmanship, good knowledge of the music, the style and improvisation. We want you to have fun, support the everyone and be part of a great experience that will help you grow as a dancer.

Rules and Requirements

– All competitors must hold a Full pass to Doudoule..– All competitors must pay the competition registration fee of $25 Pre-registration Only – Click here
– All competitors must finalise their registration and check-in prior to the competition at the event registration desk.
– All competitors will have a number assigned to them at the time of registration. This number will be your allocated number for the duration of the competition. If you do not wear it during the competition you will be unable to compete.
– All competitors will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, otherwise may at anytime be disqualified from the competition by the Head Judge.
– All competitors must be ready to compete 20 minutes prior to the commencement
– All competitors must sign a waiver and are responsible for reading these guidelines.
– You are also responsible for checking postings or attending any scheduled meetings to assure you are placed in the correct divisions or are notified of any changes.

Judging Criteria

All competitions will be judged individually with a Panel of 3 judges for heats & Semis and 5 judges for the Finals.

1. Timing & Musicality
– How well you interpret the musical changes in the music.
– How well your choice of moves, illustrates the song you are dancing to.

2. Technique & Connection
– Execution of moves
– Sabor & Movement
– Connection with the music

3. Attire & Showmanship
– Fashionable Urban or Stylish Clothes.
– Groomed to Compete (Hairstyles, Make Up).
– Crowd pleasing movements, personality and energy.


Heats & Semis – Competitors will battle one another in 2 rounds of 40secs.

Finals – Competitors will battle one another in 3 rounds of 40secs.


There are significant prizes awarded to the winners:

Bachata: 2nd place winners $500 cash – Champions $1200 Cash

Reggaeton: 2nd place winners $500 cash – Champions $1200 Cash

Salsa: 2nd place winners $500 cash – Champions $1200 Cash



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